Hi, I’m Rowena Mabbott, a certified career and life confidence coach.

I love to help people feel more confident in their career and life, especially through times of transition and significant change. 

Through my tailored, values-based coaching programs, my clients gain clarity, confidence and more joy in their life.

My aim is to provide strategic yet practical support to each person I work with, so they gain clarity and confidence to joyfully live a life they love.


Why a Career and Life Confidence Coach?

A life you love, a career you love. Feeling confident, calm and courageous as you move forward with clarity.

Confidence comes when we know what we stand for, what we believe and what our purpose is.

Confidence also comes when we have clarity around our direction, whether for the short or long term.

It comes down to clarity, courage and confidence;

Clarity about your purpose and direction, in both your career and life.

Courage to go after your dreams.

Confidence to do the things that bring you joy and live a life you truly love.

Change (both planned and unplanned, intentional or not) often triggers a sense of tumult, and uncertainty. Often, significant change means our confidence is lowered and we desperately wish to feel clear about what’s happening. We wish to move forward with a plan and a sense of a purpose, but that can feel hard to find on our own.

We want more clarity, more confidence and more joy too.

I have been there, and want to use my experience to make your journey easier.

However, we do not need to have experienced a major life transition or change to desire greater clarity and confidence.

We can simply want to feel more confident in our life, in our career and in our choices. We can have a general feeling that we want more from life.

When we have a career that feels aligned to us, when we feel confident in ourselves and we feel we’ve got a way forward, and we are doing things that bring us joy, then we have a life we love. 

When you feel confident in the choices you are making . . . you have the courage to do the things you love.

When you have clarity about your way forward . . . you step into your future feeling assured and confident that it’s right for you.

You can create and confidently live the life you’ve always wanted. A life you love!


Want more clarity and confidence in your life? I’d love to work with you.


Career Confidence

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Career confidence is achieved when we know we have the skills, capabilities and experience to do what we desire. With insights into ourselves, we gain greater clarity regarding our values, purpose and priorities.

A career that feels aligned to who we are, our skills, our strengths, our passions and interests gives us confidence.


Transition Confidence

Life Confidence

Living life with confidence means we know ourselves, and we know what we need. And more importantly, we actually take the time to give ourselves what we need - it’s not enough just to know it.  

I have found one of the best ways to live life with confidence, is to seek the things that light you up and bring you joy, and once your find them, appreciate them.


A transition simple means a time of change – whether it be the loss of a loved one, relationship change or career change.

When we experience major life change, knowing we are not alone, that we have the skills and knowledge to make it through the difficult time is valuable. Transitioning with confidence reminds us that through our experience, we gain clarity about ourself and what we value.


After coaching with Rowena my confidence has increased and I now know I can make changes to my own career and life without sacrificing my own or my family’s happiness.

Rowena really gets to the heart of her clients’ various conundrums but also brings so much empathy for people, particularly those who have had significant grief impact their lives.

Working with Rowena was enlightening, affirming and confidence-building. If you are seeking a coach to help support you through a major transition or change, or just to help you feel happier and more confident, I would definitely recommend her.

- Anna, Teacher & Mother, Nelson, New Zealand

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