In 2016 I became a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach.  It was the culmination of over a decade of dreaming.  Yes, I’d been wanting to be a Life Coach for a really long time!

Prior to this, the timing had not been right for me pursue that dream.  I’d been working in my corporate career, then having children, coping with the stillbirth of my second son and then focussed on getting pregnant again, and then raising my family and working as a consultant.

Until finally, in late 2015 it WAS my time.


I was working as a Human Resources consultant for a boutique consultancy.  Everything was great – I had terrific colleagues, I was doing interesting work, and the hours and pay were excellent.  But, something was missing.

It took a little while to work out, but eventually I realised; I was ready for a change.  I wanted to help people more directly. And I knew I wanted to pursue a career that was heart-centred and had purpose; a career that really made a difference.  It was time to reignite the decade-old dream of becoming a Life Coach.


L to R: Rowena Mabbott, Laurelle Wishart, Kate Cashman

L to R: Rowena Mabbott, Laurelle Wishart, Kate Cashman

I researched a three or four different coaching school options, and came across the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  It was very different from the other courses I’d been looking at.  It was very pink (honestly, that nearly did put me off, but I’m glad I continued to read on). There was so much more to it than just the colour.  There was real passion evident in the faces and voices of the trainers and trainees as they described what they had learned, the skills and friendships formed.  Clearly there was fun and connection as part of the course.  Just reading about it made my heart sing!

As I read a little more about the course and it’s heart-centred approach, I was silently saying yes, yes, yes to all the questions asked.  Intuitively, this course felt right.

And yet, at the same time my logical, corporate-mind was rebelling.

After nearly twenty years working as a Human Resources professional, my analytical mind was finely honed.  I started second guessing my own emotions.  Shouldn’t I get a coaching qualification from one of the big universities?  But I’d looked at those courses and they didn’t feel right.  Would anyone take me seriously as a life coach?  My intuitive mind countered yes, because coaching is a growing industry and anyone who has experienced coaching knows it is transformative.


Ultimately, it was all about a feeling when I chose to enrol in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.  I liked the feeling I got from their website, I liked the feelings when I saw what other graduates were doing, and I liked the idea of a course that actively encouraged trainees to lean into their true, authentic selves.

And, my logical mind was won-over by the fact the course not only teaches you how to become a heart-centred and skilled life coach, but also how to build a coaching business you love.


The Beautiful You Coaching Academy says that the course is for “people just like you – people who want to make a difference, see others grow and shine, work with people they love and feel connected to – and yes – create their own business and a life they love.”

The Academy was founded by certified coach and clinical counsellor Julie Parker. It’s a comprehensive six-month online course, which teaches you the skills to be a life coach, as well as providing guidance regarding how to build a life and coaching business you love.

You can learn more about the Coaching Academy and it’s modules here.



I loved every moment of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course.  The learning, the support, the connections made and most of all, the wonderful environment created and fostered by the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

Throughout the six-month intensive course I threw myself into making the most of every moment.  Reading, learning, practicing my coaching with my coaching buddy and working with pro-bono clients.  A highlight of the course was attending Inspiration Day (an optional face-to-face day offered as part of the course) and meeting in-person the trainers and a selection of my fellow trainees.

Like most things in life, the more you put in to something, the more you get out of it!  And this course was no different. It was an investment in my future and in me, with ongoing reward.

If you’d like to learn more about my experiences and learnings from undertaking the course, please get in touch. I’d be very happy to chat to you about my experiences.


  • Do you wish you could help others and make a difference?

  • Have you been considering becoming a life coach for a while (like I had been), but just haven’t found the right course yet?

  • Do you love helping people, and are often thanked for doing so?

  • Are you seeking a career that is heart-centred?

  • Do you love learning new things, and are keen to explore the possibility of finding your purpose in life, something that truly lights you up?

If you have answered yes to any, or all, of these, then you are in the right place –  the Beautiful You Life Coaching course may just what you are looking for!



As a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach and proud course affiliate, if you sign up to complete the course via me, you will receive;

  • A FREE Clarity Consult (2-sessions) life coaching package with me.


  • A 3-month (6-session) coaching series with me, at 50% off full price, (ie you pay 50% of the current price).

You can read more about my coaching packages here.  And you can read more about me and who I am as a coach here.

Note:  Please be aware, your Clarity Consult life coaching package will be held upon confirmation that you are still enrolled in the course following the Academy’s refund period (approximately one month after starting the course). Similarly, undertaking a 3-month life coaching package (6-sessions) will be available to you after this same time period. If you’d prefer to undertake your coaching series with me after completion of your studies, our coaching together must to be completed within six (6) months of your graduation date.  As I am a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach, any completed 6-session coaching series undertaken with me will count toward your future Certification as a Beautiful You Life Coach, should you wish to pursue certification.  

Sounds great!

How do I sign up to be a Beautiful You Life Coach?

If you have questions about the Beautiful You Life Coach course, want to enrol, or have questions about coaching with me, please get in touch. I’d love to chat with you about the course.