Is the way you spend your day serving you to live your best, most intentional and joyful life?

Be intentional about your day

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When we are wanting to live our life with greater clarity, confidence and with more joy, it can help to be intentional about how we spend our day.

Whether we want to improve or change our career options, shift things in our life or are experiencing a time of transition, being intentional about how we engage in life and use our time makes a huge difference to our wellbeing. 

When we are intentional about how we want to feel and show up in our life, we are more likely to take action towards our dreams and goals. We are also likely to create a life that is sustainable for us; where we focus on spending our time doing things we enjoy and with those we love.

How do we be intentional?

By spending a little time at the beginning and end of our day journaling or thinking through our answers to some prompting questions, we can pre-plan how we want to feel physically, mentally and in our relationships. Towards the end of our day we can reflect upon our day, acknowledge the challenges faced, record our learnings and be grateful for the moments of joy. 

To support you to live intentionally and with joy, I have created these FREE Daily Journal Prompts. They are a simple approach for checking in with yourself at both ends of the day, so you can live your life with greater intention, clarity, confidence and joy.

Download your FREE Daily Journal Prompts below.