Getting your Mojo back: 6 steps for reconnecting to yourself

When our mojo has gone, and all our motivation has left us, we can feel a bit lost.  It can be hard to know how to restart our passion and how to rediscover our mojo.  Having a connection to your life purpose helps, but sometimes even that is not enough. Here I share how I rediscovered my mojo after feeling like it had disappeared.

Six steps to help you find your mojo again

1. Take a break

Firstly, I took a break.  I took the pressure off to do and be all the things, and just relaxed into my key roles in life. I focused on being the best mum and wife I could be given the circumstances, continued coaching with only a very small, select group of clients and embraced being the daughter, sister and friend I wanted to be.

And that was it.  I didn’t put any other expectations upon myself.

2. Reconnect to what brings you joy

Secondly, after enjoying that break time and reconnecting with the people I loved, it was time to rediscover what brought me joy.  A lot of genuine and deep introspection plus experimenting meant I uncovered some activities that I had forgotten I loved. These included craft activities that I had not pursued for many years, as well as spending time with my boys playing with Lego, or taking them on long ‘adventure’ walks through the local parkland.

3. Have something to look forward to

Thirdly, I decided to bring back some things to look forward to in my life.  After the big project of building a new dream home, I missed having a project. I reconnected with my bucket list and attempted to tick off some of the easier (less expensive) bucket list items.

So, breakfast in bed, trying new foods, visiting a new place; all of these were things that I did to spark my curiosity and help me feel a sense of connection to the things that I value and love.  Plus, they were fun!  And fun and creativity is key to rediscovering our mojo.

4. Be grateful

Fourthly, being grateful.  Reconnecting with a sense of gratitude for the many things in my life that for such a long time I longed for, and now had/have was an important step in reconnecting with my mojo.

Maintaining my gratitude journal was a no-brainer, but we also returned to talking about what we were grateful for at the dinner table each night.  Hearing what my children and husband were grateful for each day helped me to re-connect with the wonders of life.  And reminded me that it is so often, scrap that, it is ALWAYS, the little things that make a day special.

5. Engage your senses

I engaged my senses by reading and listening.  By taking time to read novels and listen to audiobooks that lifted me up I gave myself space, but also creative stimulation in a different part of my brain.  Reading novels and moving away from self-help books, I reconnected with my imagination and creativity.  That said, there were some self-help books that were invaluable.

6. Give yourself space

Finally, I gave myself space. There was no pressure to meet a certain deadline or timeframe to be back feeling like myself.

This was the hardest part.

As an action focused kind of girl, I am not very good at waiting.  I like to be in action and love a to-do list where I can tick things off and feel like I’m making progress.  To give myself space was the most challenging step and certainly required all of my patience and a considerable amount of effort.  Who knew not doing things could be so hard!?

However, I am pleased to say that by following these steps I finally did find my mojo again. And of course, it came back to me in the shower - like all great ideas!  All of a sudden ideas started flooding back in and I felt reinvigorated and excited about all I could see in my future.

When we are in times of transition, it is not uncommon to feel as if we have lost our way.

We can feel like a motivation has taken a holiday, and we are only just coping with all the changes we are facing. This lack of mojo can mean we feel deflated, lost, stuck, lethargic and a bit ho-hum.  But it is possible to rediscover your mojo, whether it is after the transition is complete or during it.

If you are feeling lost, stuck or like your mojo has gone - I encourage you to try some, or all, of these steps.  They just might help.

Whether you have been through a transition or not, it feels great to bring your mojo back and reconnect with what makes you, you.


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