3 steps to increase joy


We all desire a little more joy in our life.  Through the daily busy-ness, and the demands on our time, plus the various things that irritate, annoy or frustrate, it can feel like there isn’t a lot of time left for happiness, let alone joy. Yet, we are all capable of increasing the joy we feel and experience.  Like most good things in life, it just requires a little effort (but not much really!).

Joy is a word sometimes used interchangeably with happy, but it is different.

Joy comes from a deep place within us. It is driven by internal factors, like feeling a deep appreciation for our life, feeling confident, inspired, loving ourselves, and aligned with our values.

Happiness is driven by external factors, like a beautiful sunset, a great friendship, a delicious meal.  

Happiness is therefore fleeting, but joy is the very core of our being.

Due to the nature of my coaching practice and given the word joy is prominent in my business name, I often work with clients who express a desire to bring more joy into their lives.   It is an honour and privilege to work with people on this, and it really is transformative.

What brings us each joy is unique.  

I love working with clients around expanding the joyful feelings in their life, as this is such a personal experience; every client is different, and so their experiences of joy are different too.  What brings me delight and joy, may not work for you, and vice versa.

Here are three practical steps you can take immediately to help increase the joy in YOUR life.

  1. Notice where and when you feel joy in your life right now. For a week or so, note down each time you feel that light, blissful, warm feeling deep inside. Jot it down in a notebook, or record it in the notes app on your smartphone – it doesn’t matter where you record it, just that you do. At the end of the week, you will have a pretty good sense of what and where your joy comes from.

  2. Make a list. Use your notes and observations from step 1 to record a list of all the people, places, times of day, or activities that are joyful for you. This will help firm up exactly what works for you to increase YOUR joy.

  3. Review your list, and decide to participate in one of these items. Maybe it’s spending time with a loved one, maybe it’s singing in the shower, perhaps an early morning yoga practice, or a run at sunset on the beach. It doesn’t matter which you select - after all, it’s your personal list and therefore your personal choice. Once you have decided which item you are going with, actually do it. Make it happen!

Now this may seem quite simple and straightforward – and that is because when I outline the steps like this, it really is.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t powerfully effective!

By identifying and acknowledging what increases our joy, and then actively choosing to take steps to make it happen again, we can increase the joyful experiences we have in our lives and therefore feel that deep, warm glow more often.  And doesn't that sound great?


If you’d like further support to find what brings you joy, and experience it more often in your day to day life, I’d love to support you! I work with men and women to get clarity and boost their sense of confidence, which in turn makes them more joyful! Book your complimentary consult to learn more about coaching with me.