You are a role model; even when you don't know it


It's Okay to be you.

I know, this seems pretty obvious!  But we can all do with a reminder from time to time.  It's safe to be yourself, and you are needed.  You are a role model.

When we are busy going about our lives, we can forget that others are watching what we are doing.  It could be our children, our partner, friends or peers - we may not be aware, but they notice what we are doing.

Over the last few weeks it's become very clear to me that when we are our true and authentic selves, others are drawn to us.  Certainly I was aware of this in my life, but hadn't really had a firsthand, glaringly obvious experience of it.

Get the message


But a couple of weeks ago the universe decided I had not been paying enough attention, and so would slap me in the face with it (in a good way!).  I won't share all the details, but suffice to say it was a highlight of the past month and showed me how we never know who we might be influencing, or how.

In essence, someone I'd been connected to via social media for nearly a year (and I quietly adored for the beautiful images shared and vibe of their feed!), let me know that the feeling was mutual.

But there was more. We had a shared experience of baby loss.

As we exchanged messages, it became clear that after all this time, she was drawn to what I was sharing about loss, transforming ourselves and honouring the children we have lost.

Cue face slap!

Yes, the universe was letting me know.

Unknowingly, I was being a role model for someone who I looked up to.

You are a role model, even when you don't know it. 

A big part of my realisation was that even when we feel like we don't 100% know what we are doing, or we feel we are still finding our own way, others might be looking up to us.  Indeed, we may be just what someone else needs to hear or see.  Even when we do not feel at all like a role model.

Simply by being YOU, you can help someone else.

Questions for you

Do you turn up as you in the world?

The real you?

The genuine, 100% authentic you?

The warts and all you?

Or are there only certain people who ever see the real you, and rest of the time you're hiding behind a mask?

Being you = courageous + powerful

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. – Brene Brown

It can take a lot of courage to turn up as the real you, warts and all. It's scary and can be more than a little uncomfortable. It can require a good pep talk before we feel able to truly be ourselves all the time and not fear judgment as a result.

But this last month has taught me that being our real selves is supremely powerful - for ourselves and for others too.  When we show up as our real selves, we subtly give permission to those around us to show up as their real selves too.

Be You

Who is the real you?  The one who the kids see, or maybe the one your partner sees?  Or perhaps, it's the version of you that only your best and oldest friend sees?   That one - the open-hearted, relaxed and perhaps a little quirky YOU.

We are all human, we all have our foibles and failings. But when we turn up as ourselves, our true, authentic, genuine selves, we are powerful.  When we embrace being ourselves, we are luminous.

It's Okay to be you.

If you would like to step into being you, but aren't sure where to begin, I can help!  Book your complimentary chat (via the big blue button below) and together we can help you identify what the next steps look like for you.