It's Okay to change direction

Whether we have experienced a transition, grief, or significant change in our lives, there come times when we feel the need to change direction.  Changing direction can be a choice we consciously make, or something that is decided for us. Sometimes circumstances dictate that a change of direction is the only way to move forward. It's okay to change direction.

Significant life events or global events can result in a new, or different, way of looking at the world.  Having experienced significant change, the way we interact with the world differs too.  It is logical therefore, that at times when we have undergone massive changes in our lives, the way we approach the world must change also.

joyhopelove.comOf course, there is much said about staying the course, staying in your own lane and pursuing your own track or goal.

However, there are times when we need to pivot, take stock and consider the direction we truly wish to take.  Whether that be reconsidering due to our ultimate life goal (living for the ending), or because the loss of our child has made us reconsider every decision we ever made; pivoting and changing direction is normal.  It's okay to change direction.

At times, it is absolutely necessary.

Course correction

Sometimes when we change direction, it's not a full 180° turn.  It can be merely a course correction. A slight adjustment that more accurately takes us where we want to go in our lives.  A small correction can still feel enormous, especially if it requires significant mindset or behavioural change.

As simple as it sounds, it's true what they say; little adjustments every day can really add up.  Small course corrections can have a significant impact down the track.

I read about an extreme example from 1979.  A passenger plane left New Zealand on a sight-seeing flight to Antarctica and back, with 279 passengers on board. The pilots didn’t realise their flight coordinates were 2 degrees off, meaning they ended up 28 miles east of where they thought they were. As they approached Antarctica and lowered the plane to provide a better view for the passengers, the instruments sounded a warning but it was too late. Where the pilots had assumed they were flying over flat ground, they were directly flying towards an active volcano, Mount Erebus. Tragically, the plane crashed into the volcano, killing everybody on board.

This occurred due to an error of only a few degrees. The slightest of course corrections or change in direction could have prevented this tragedy.

It's okay to change direction.  It can be lifesaving.

Career Change can be direction change

Personally, I have changed direction many times in my life.  As a teenager (major areas of study),  in my early 20s (university degree studies), in my mid-20s (career), in my 30s (career and family) and again now (career, life, purpose and more!).   Each period involved a form of change - career change, life change, purpose and/ or trajectory change.  I guess I'm embracing the idea that change keeps us young!

Some of the big changes that I have shared with you here on the blog include taking on becoming Tupperware salesperson, moving from a corporate human resources role to being a consultant, and of course, becoming a life coach!

Life events can change your direction

Each time, a major life event triggered my change of course.  Extended solo travel, exposure to new ideas, purchasing our first home, marriage, parenthood, the stillbirth of my son; all of these were events that encouraged me to reflect and consider the trajectory of my life.

But for you it needn't be a life event.  You may change direction simply because you feel a deep-seated need to change. To mix things up. To get out of a rut.

I'm not suggesting change for changes sake, (although that can work too) but rather that it is okay to change direction and move forward on a different path.

We need not fear judgement, or what others will say or think about our change of plans or approach.

We need to stay true to ourselves, and if that means changing direction to feed our soul, or our heart, or to find our life's purpose, then so be it.

It's okay to change direction.

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