Focus your attention elsewhere; It's okay to admire

It's okay to admire people, places and things.

When we are feeling down, sad or grief-stricken, it can be very hard to see the positive in life. Our focus is on ourselves, our feelings of sorrow or loss, and even if we desire to feel happy, we may not be able to summon those feelings.

But, when we focus our attention elsewhere, we take ourselves out of our sorrow (and out of our own head), we lift our emotional state.  And a simple way to do this is via admiration.

I'm not proposing that we must look on the bright side of life all the time.  Rather, this is an idea and technique when you really desire to feel better but feel stuck, and are not sure what to do.

Find something or someone to admire

joyhopelove.comYes, it's as simple as that.  Notice and admire the light as it falls across your table, the artistry in the froth of your coffee, the fresh bloom of a new flower, the beauty of the sky at sunset.  You could pause and admire a great work by a famous artist, whether that be writing, painting, sculpture, music or anything else that you admire.

And it needn't be high culture.

Taking time out to appreciate the little things, all the things that bring you joy and that you admire, can be simple.

You could enjoy a laugh at someone's joke, listen to a podcast, scroll through social media and admire the beautiful images posted.

When we admire others, it's not from a place of envy.  Rather it helps us be amazed at the world around us.  

And remembering that our world contains so many wonders for our enjoyment, is a key step to mindfulness and enjoying being in the present moment.

And when we are in the moment, looking at something we admire, we cannot help but feel a little happier.


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