How to slow time and have more fun

How many of us have said we wish we had more hours in the day?  Or, we wish that time would slow down a little? As we get older, and have more to do it feels like the years slip past.  I know I feel this way.  As a child the school terms felt so long,  but as a parent, they fly past!


The challenge is that as adults, our lives are often driven by routine. We go to work, we do our chores and errands, and our lives are quite scheduled.  As children, we go to school but we are learning new things all the time and we have variety in our day.

You see, routines make time go faster, resulting in that feeling that life is whizzing past.  This can be good or bad – depending upon your perspective, age and if you are waiting for something particular.

Variety and change actually make us perceive that time is going slower.  A great example of this is when we take a holiday or vacation.  Then, the time goes slower, as we are doing new things, visiting new places, trying new food etc.  A three-week break can feel like a very long time versus three weeks spent doing our usual activities.  Even less significant changes to our routine, such as on a “staycation”, can have these time-slowing benefits.

When we change what we do,  

time feels like it slows down,

and that period is more memorable. 

Again, think of holidays or vacation – we remember specific moments within a holiday but not the detail of our everyday.  I know that I can remember the specifics of where we went, what we did and saw as well as what I wore and ate for a day that was in the middle of a holiday period, but when the day in question is in the middle of a routine week, I have a hard time remembering anything beyond the simple high level detail of being at work or at home!

So, how can we make the day-to-day less routine and more memorable?

Of course, the answer we all think of is take a holiday!  But when a holiday is not possible (because let’s be honest, most of the time it’s not really possible for us to go away), what can we do?

We can change-up our life!

Examples of things you might like to do to change your routine and feel time slow down;

  • Take a course in something new and different

  • Picnic or eat outside once a week/ every day

  • Commit to a new exercise regime, or try a new type of exercise

  • Learn a new skill or hobby

  • Re-read your favourite author /novels

  • Binge watch an entire series of TV, or movies by a particular director, or featuring a favourite actor

  • Commit to having a weekly dinner date with different friends

  • Do something else that you feel is fun!

Timing when we change routine is always important, and can be a reason to procrastinate.  So, here are some ideas for when you might want to slow time and make memories;

  • For a season e.g. winter or summer

  • For a month (or two!) when you want to commit to do something new or different, or just want to make that time more memorable

  • School holidays (July school holidays are right round the corner...)

With the feeling that time is passing too quickly, as parents we can often feel that “the days are long but the years are short”.  The time with when our children are happy to do things and hang out with us can slip away when we are caught up in our day-to-day routine.  So, when they are on school break it is an ideal opportunity to change routines and make memorable moments together.  Both you and your children will enjoy the fun that comes with a change in routine

The key to all routine change is that doing things a bit differently can bring back an element of fun to your life, make moments more memorable and therefore result in a feeling that time has slowed.

Doesn't that sound great?!

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