A year of blogging; my four big learnings


This week it has been a year since I started blogging.  I have posted every week, except the week of Christmas, where I gave myself some time off to spend with my family.

Posting on this frequency and regularity has taught me a few things I'd like to share with you in this post today, to mark the anniversary of this website and my blogging experience.

1.  Make the decision once

I've been speaking about this with a number of my coaching friends; when we do something every day or every week, the decision is made.  By creating a schedule and making a regular commitment, the time and brain space required is minimal. By taking this approach, I do not need to decide each time whether I will post a blog.  Simply because I have already made decision to do it.  

Therefore, posting every week was a decision I made in March last year.  And I have kept that commitment.  It was easier to keep a commitment than have to decide and contemplate on a week-by-week basis whether I would share a blog post or not.

2.  Inspire, inform or educate

These words were shared with me as a guideline for writing blog posts, back before I had started writing. I found it very helpful, but also sometimes, limiting. It was hard at times to identify which of these categories my post each week might fall into.  

That said, these three areas are good guideline for when we are attempting to find our voice and write regularly in a way that helps and serves an audience.  Aiming to inspire, inform or educate is a worthy goal to aspire to.

3.  With practice we improve

Before I started this website and blog, I had not written on a regular basis for others to read.

Certainly, I had written regularly, and had written documents and articles for others to read.  But not combining the two.  

In July last year, a wise friend said to me the more you practice writing, the better and easier it will become.  She was right.  Whilst the writing itself may not feel any different, the process of writing has become smoother.  The ideas and words come, and I love the process of uncovering or refining my thoughts via words.

4.  A message helps

The posts where I have shared a personal story, or particular message that has been perceived as beneficial, have been the most successful in terms of interaction and views. This obviously seems like a bit of a no-brainer!  

Noting what messages resonate with you my audience, and conversely, what doesn't, has been a valuable learning. Knowing I am serving you and providing posts that are of value and interest to you, has made it an enjoyable experience for me too.  

Blogging learnings and how they apply to life

Finally, how does all this relate to you, in your every day?  Embarking on a new business, a new blog and learning a new coaching model was and continues to be a journey of discovery.  Many of the learnings I have had over the past year with this blog, also apply in other areas of our lives.

In summary, here are the key learnings that I know apply to life in general, not just to blogging;

  • If you seek routine and structure, take away the requirement for a decision.

  • If you want to get better at a particular activity or skill, practice regularly.

  • When sharing words or information with others, aim to have a purpose or message.

  • Be of service wherever possible.

The second year begins

This week therefore also marks the beginning of the second year of my blogging journey.  After the last year and the lessons I've learned, it may seem counterintuitive, but I will be making a few changes to the blog frequency.  Just as our life evolves, so do our commitments, and thus, so will this blog.

Blog posts will be moving to fortnightly, at least for the next little while.  The things I share will be similar, and the themes will remain consistent, at least that is my intention and plan!

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