The Power of Connection

During times of transition, and regardless of whether you are experiencing change that is wanted or unwanted, support can be found when connecting with others who are on the same journey. Sometimes those other people may be a little ahead of where you are, or may be a little behind. Regardless, the common experience and shared understanding of what you are each going through is powerful.

Tailored and Specific = Greater Connection

Personally, I have found tailored and specific groups can be incredibly supportive depending upon the change I was experiencing.

Connection with others who are experiencing the same or similar things is enormously valuable whether you are starting a new career (buddy or intake group), embarking on a new phase of your life (mother’s groups, play groups, school social committees), wanting to up-level your business (mastermind groups) or any other change that you are experiencing.

In all life situations when we are experiencing change, the opportunity to connect with others who are  undergoing a similar thing is beneficial.  We are social creatures, so when we are struggling to make sense of it all, it’s very good to have others to talk to, share our concerns and feelings with and who just 'get it' as they are encountering the same.

Heartfelt Connection can be Needed

On Friday I was fortunate to attend an Inspiration Day run by the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, where I met up with many other heart-centred life coaches who want to live life fully and authentically whilst making a difference in the world too.

We have been connected in the digital world since May when we all started our course together, yet we hadn’t met in person.  So, I knew I was looking forward to meeting these beautiful souls but didn't realise until I got there how much I NEEDED to meet with them in person to truly feel the power of that heartfelt connection.

And yes I say NEED - because just as we can need support when we are overcoming challenges associated with unwanted change, we also need support when we are embracing desired changes too.  The commonality of experience that binds and unites us, also provides us with a sense that we are not alone.  In both  circumstances (wanted and unwanted change), we can NEED to feel connected; part of something bigger, part of a group that together are experiencing something.

Soulful connection

As I listened, learned, absorbed, chatted and mingled I felt something I’d not felt for a long time.  A sense of peace and ease, a sense of contentment. But even more than that, a deep sense that despite just meeting these women (and men), I’d known them longer.   Do you know that feeling, where you meet someone but feel like you’ve known them for ages?  It’s a bit amazing and a very special type of connection.  It was like our souls knew each other.  Yes, I realise that sounds a little out there, but that was how it felt.

Connection when grieving

Reflecting over the weekend about a day that was full of beautiful experiences, new friendships and soulful connection, I realised there were once again parallels with the experience of grief.

The last time I had that 'soul connection' feeling was when I attended my first support group after our son died – and I connected with another mum who had also lost her baby boy.  We stood outside and chatted for hours, like we’d known each other our whole lives, yet we’d met merely hours earlier. Now, eight years on and that mum is one of my best friends and has been ever since we met.  We were united in our grief as we mourned the loss of our children, but there was more to it than simply the shared experience of loss; we truly connected, which is why we have remained such good friends.

A problem shared is a problem halved

During times of transition, when we have someone, or even better, a group of someone's to share our feelings with, it can really help alleviate the feeling of overwhelm that can occur when you are experiencing so much change.

Simply knowing that you can ask or share your question or concern with others who understand, can give you a sense of calm.

So often the change we are experiencing is devoid of a sense of calm, thus having this support is incredibly powerful for our wellbeing.

Being part of a group is powerful, and shared experiences within the group enhance the connection, care and bond that is felt between group members. This is so important when we are experiencing major life transitions.

Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL)

If you have lost a child, and would like to connect with others who have also experienced this loss, you may wish to join Parents Evolving & Transitioning After Loss (PETAL). You will fit right in if you have had some time (3 - 6 months or more) pass since your loss, are emerging from the fog of grief, and now want to make a change in your life as a result of what you have experienced.

If you are experiencing change and would prefer tailored and individual support, book a discovery session to learn how I can help.