It's Okay to act; do something for your future self


There are times in our life when taking action can feel hard.  When we are experiencing a life-changing transition, or are feeling overwhelmed and stuck, contemplating our future self can help.  When we decide to do something for our future self, our motivation is higher, procrastination is lessened and we tend to step into action.  

When we know we want to act, but feel unable to, knowing what we are working towards can assist.

Personally, thinking about my future self has helped with two big things in my life; habit change, and staying focussed on my purpose.  In both cases, taking action has been important.

It's Okay to Act

It's Okay to Act

Habit Change

This time of year, with a change in the season and resulting change in the weather, our thoughts can turn to habit change.  For some of us, season change can be an ideal time to start habits again after they have slipped during the previous season. (I've found this applies for all seasons, in all climates - we all have excuses for why good habits may have been neglected!)

And as part of returning to, or kick starting, good habits, we often think about our health.  Perhaps we contemplate adding a walk each day, plan to eat healthy food or commit time for personal development.  In all cases, our focus is on the habit we wish to kickstart (or restart!).

The challenge comes with seeing those commitments through. The taking action part can be the most difficult. But, with a little bit of thought, all habits can be framed as something you are doing for your future self.

When we consider the action we wish to take, and the benefits we will reap in the future by taking those actions now, it can feel easier to get started.  Plus, as a bonus, we get the satisfaction, pleasure, benefits and enjoyment of the activity in the moment too.

This moment makes your future moments

We can be enjoying the moment, and changing our habits at the same time. Which is certainly an endorsement for taking action!

It's great to focus on what you are doing, but even better if you pay attention to how and why you are doing it.  Your energy and enthusiasm is contagious and when you approach your habits and tasks with a positive vibe, everyone benefits, including you.

It's also okay to act when we take a bigger picture view; when we contemplate our purpose and living for the ending.

Thinking about the future, and what we may desire to have or be at that time, can be a great motivator for action.  As I have shared before, thinking about my ending certainly motivates me on a regular basis.  Knowing my purpose, and what I hope to accomplish in my life helps focus my attention and ensure my actions are aligned with where I wish to go.

Therefore, I consider what I can do today, in this moment, that will make my future self happy.

What can you do today for your future self?

For me, the actions I take today for my future self might be as simple as making time to exercise, or cook a healthy meal for my family.  Or, it might be that I deliberately take action to move towards a long-held goal or dream.

For example; one of my goals for this year is for us to design and build our dream house. This is a large goal tied to the future self I wish to be and have.

A small step I can take toward this goal, and therefore towards creating this future self now, could be to buy or borrow a book or magazine.  I can use the book or magazine for inspiration for my home plans, colour schemes and interior decorating.

What can you do today for your future self?

Can you commit to;

The action you take need not be large, or even hard work. Each moment we enjoy, create and craft today helps us create and enjoy more similar moments in the future.  Small steps on a regular basis can be just as powerful as big, life-changing actions!

It's Okay to act. 


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