The art of reflection; celebrating our moments

Last week I found myself reflecting upon how I came to be here.  Not in a 'where did I come from' type of way, but more where I was 12 months ago versus now. We all reflect a little on our lives at certain times in the year; what we've achieved or accomplished, what's working and what is not working.  Often the times we find ourselves in a reflective mood coincide with special occasions, such as birthdays, family celebrations (anniversaries) and of course, the most well-known, New Year.

But there is merit in reflecting at other times too - precisely because it's not a special time, so the pressure is off.  Instead we can simply reflect and ponder on what we've done or learned or changed over the previous period.

You see, I consider last week as the 1-year anniversary for the start of this current life transition. Yes, current.  Oh yes, there have been more!

Transitions, moments and reflection

At many different times in my life there have been transition periods, or just a moment when everything changes, and afterwards it's clear that nothing will be the same.

Sometimes I knew it at the time, (first time motherhood, loss of our son) as it was a major transition, and lasted months if not years.

Other times, weeks or months had passed before I realised there had been a turning point moment that lead me on a particular path (career change, this transition).

Just a moment; nothing more.

Celebrating moments

Last week was the anniversary of a turning point moment that triggered this transition.  One I didn't really even realise I should pay attention to let alone celebrate until I spent a little time reflecting.

At the end of July 2015 (a year ago) if someone had said to me that I would be where I am now, I would have thought they were mad.  I was on a different career path, different life plan with different goals.  Instead, here I am.  Nothing like I was imagining nor what I was working on and planning, but so much the happier despite that.

And why is that?

A throwaway line said at the end of a late night.  That was my moment.

That was the seed of an idea.  I didn't think about it much for weeks but it was there, quietly putting out tiny tendrils and waiting for me to bring it into the light so it could really grow.

The result of reflection

It was only as I spent some time reflecting on my experiences, thoughts and feelings of the past 12 months did I remember that it was that particular evening that the seed was sown.   And indeed that seed was key to me making major changes in my life and ultimately, deciding to be a life coach and all that entails.

I hadn't realised any of that until I took some time to reflect.

Why is reflecting important?

Simply because when we know where we started from, we can appreciate how far we've come.

Also it's pretty amazing to look back at your own experiences and see where a comment or chance encounter changed the way you approached your life.

Reflecting upon the transition times or moments in your life raises your awareness about how much you can and do control what happens in your life.  

And therefore that you are in fact the one who creates the life you have now.

That also means that if you don't like the life you have right now, you have the power to change it.  Into a life you do like, or even love.

And how do I know this?

Because I started that same journey one year ago and am now here.

I love my life.  I didn’t hate my life one year ago, far from it.

But it sure looked different.  I felt different, and where I thought I was headed was completely different.   And yes, being a life coach is not at all what I imagined I'd be doing if you asked me a year ago.  Yet, it's exactly where I want and need to be.

My life now is so different, and so much better - all due to a mere moment and throwaway line.  For which, I celebrate and am enormously grateful.

And that is the true art and power of reflection; recognising how far we've come, how much we have to be grateful for and celebrating the moments that brought us here.

If you too would like to create a moment that might change your life, or are experiencing a transition and would like support, book a discovery session with me today.