How to set inspiring goals for the new year: 3 simple tips

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Happy New Year!  And welcome to 2018.   Here we are, only a day or so into the New Year, and perhaps, like me, you are using this holiday time to rest, recharge and connect with your loved ones. You may also be taking stock of 2017 and, like many of us, setting some new goals for this year.

Often, these goals are called New Year's resolutions. Other times, the goals we are setting at this time of year are year-long aims that we use to focus our energy and attention for the coming year, and goals which perhaps act as motivation too.

I'd like to share with you my process for setting inspiring goals, and it starts with reflection.

Review your previous year

Personally, around New Year (either a few days before or after), I like to take some time to reflect on my previous year, what I learned, what was achieved and how I felt.  The process of reflection is assisted by the fact I regularly check-in with my goals throughout the year, completing quarterly check-in's and reviews in April and October, as well as a half-year review in June/July.

Whilst this sounds very formal and possibly a bit corporate, it's not at all! The review process is actually very straightforward.

I simply review the goals I set earlier in the year, check they are still relevant, consider the progress taken and, most importantly, assess how I feel about them. I ask myself these questions;

  • Am I still excited by these goals?

  • Am I still desiring or seeking this in my life?

  • Have I made progress on these goals?

  • Have I achieved them, or am I on track to achieve them?

As part of my review of 2017, each of my goals were marked as 'in progress'.  Unfortunately, none were goals I was going to be able to tick off as complete as they were not those type of goals.  However, I am very happy to report that ALL have had significant progress. Which makes me feel very pleased and excited to see them evolve.

After spending some time contemplating how the past year went and how I felt about it, I am then ready to switch focus to the current, new year.

Setting goals for the coming year

As mentioned, personally, I use the break over New Year to contemplate and plan my goals for 2018.  I consider my purpose, and my why, and my hopes and dreams for myself, my family and my business.  And,  that is what I am doing now over this holiday break.

However, I thought I'd share with you the approach I take and some quick tips for how to set goals you actually will achieve.

My three tips for setting inspiring goals that you will actually achieve are simple and easy to follow. I use this approach when goal-setting with my clients, (at all times of year - not just at New Year) and they really work.  And, they work for ALL types of goals; personal, business, health, career, romantic, sport, parenting, habits or any other area you may want to make changes in.

Three tips for inspiring goals

1. Be Positive

Most New Years resolutions and goals are set from a place of wanting to achieve something, but with a focus on lack. For example, 'I want to lose weight', (yes, that old classic!).  But what if we turn it around, into 'I will be healthy'.  So much more positive!

2. Focus on feelings

By exploring and focusing on how you want to feel you uncover more inspiration and motivation.  So, using our 'I want to lose weight' example, which we have re-framed into 'I will be healthy', we might now add, 'I will be healthy and feel fabulous'.

3. Present tense

Lastly, when we set goals we should use the present tense. This is a small trick but a powerful one!  If you express your goals with 'I will' or 'I'm going to' then you are forever chasing that goal. Rather, if you state the goal as already here, then you are ready to leap into action to make it happen.

With the example above, our goal then succinctly becomes, 'Feel fabulous'  And doesn't that feel more inspiring?  By looking at how we express our goals we can ensure we feel motivated to act on them.

Start the new year ready for action

Once you have worked out the area or areas you want to work on, and follow these tips to set meaningful, inspiring goals, you are ready to move into action.

You'll be starting the New Year with clear goals, and be ready to take action to make them happen.

Here's to a wonderful New Year, and setting goals that truly inspire you all year-long.

I can help you achieve your goals

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