It's Okay to Pause


There are times in our life when it would be rather nice to be able to press pause for a moment, just to catch our breath.   To take a second to reflect, consider and just be still.

When we are enjoying ourselves, super busy, feeling overwhelmed or experiencing significant change such as the loss of our child, we can wish for a pause button.

The need for pause

The desire or need to pause can catch you when you are enjoying something too. When you are so joyful you want to halt time and luxuriate in that moment.

Or, you can find yourself wishing to be able to take a break when there is too much 'busy-ness', and you are feeling overwhelmed.

Or, when you are experiencing significant change, and feel like your head is going to explode.


When it would help the most

When I was in the midst of grief and the resultant overload of change, it would be have been very beneficial to pause.

But I was too overwhelmed to really even consider it.  It wasn't an option.  I was too focussed on keeping going.   I felt I must keep going in order to maintain some semblance of normality and prove I was 'coping'.

Deep down I was worried that if I paused, the grief and emotion would be so overpowering that I might lose myself in sorrow.  And I knew that wasn't an option, as I had a toddler who needed me. (That was true, but it was also the excuse I used for not giving myself time to be kind to myself).

Yet, we can pause.

With a pause, you gain some perspective about what you are experiencing.  Allow yourself to step away from whatever is contributing to your feelings.  This break can be very beneficial for your body, mind and soul.

We can take time to stop, reflect and consider what we are doing, or not doing, and how that makes us feel.  Give ourselves the gift of pausing to allow our thoughts and feelings to surface.

To reflect on what is working, and what is not working.

To give yourself space to just be, rather than do.

To take a moment to breathe, and gain perspective.

The desire to pause can catch you unawares. I felt it yesterday.  I'm not sure why, it just snuck up on me and I realised I needed to take a break.  Consider, reflect and get a fresh perspective.

The power of the pause can be used at any time in our lives - not just during significant change, transition or grief.

If you are experiencing a transition and would like to pause and seek some support, book a complimentary discovery session with me today.

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