Self Care for Mothers: learn to put yourself first


As a mother, taking time for some self-care and a little bit of quiet, is an act of rebellion.  In a world that values busy-ness, taking time out to look after yourself can be a very rebellious act indeed!  But it is a vital one too.  At this time of year particularly, we can be overly aware of the expectations on us as mothers. With the day-to-day demands on our time from our children, our spouse, career and home accountabilities, it is easy to feel that we have no choice but to be busy.  As a result, we often place our own needs last on the list of priorities.

But this approach can be counter-productive.

We need to take time out, to nurture ourselves, and our soul.  By taking some time for true self-care (that is, putting our needs first), we are more able to manage the demands on our time.  Just as on the airplane, we must put on our oxygen mask before helping others; self-care is the same.

We must look after ourselves before we can usefully help or care for others.

What constitutes self-care?

Self-care can look like a number of different things to different people.

Activities that restore balance

For some, it maybe a quiet walk alone.  For others it may be a long soak in the bath.  Or some time to write in a journal. Yet others may find catching up with friends or doing something that feeds their soul and nurtures their body is their perfect self-care.

One of the ways I give myself my regular dose of self-care is via a daily walk.  Getting out in nature and moving my body is a time-tested approach for me, and never fails to help restore my sense of equilibrium and calm.  I often use this time to listen to a podcast or music, and truly make the walk feel restorative.

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Moments of joy

As you know, I'm all about taking the time to find the joy in each day.  But I'm also incredibly practical (as most of us mothers are).  When I am pressed for time, and I'm aware my chance for leisurely self-care is non-existent, I look to find moments of joy to elevate my sense of well-being.

My moments of bliss can come in just a few seconds with the right practices and products.

One approach is to turn daily activities into little moments of joy.  For example after showering, or anytime really, I use a beautiful skin care product.  A little spritz from a body mist, which is made with divine essential oils, can provide a nurturing moment, in an otherwise busy morning.

Another option is to light a scented candle.  Often after the kids are in bed, I will light a certified organic soy candle and curl up on the lounge with a good book or a favourite magazine. The scent gently fills the air, and I am doing one of my favourite activities - reading!  A lit candle + good book + a cup of tea = heaven!  It's a beautiful way to dedicate time as 'me time' for self-care before retreating to bed for a restorative nights sleep.

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Self care and care for others

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In this small way you can not only care for yourself with beautiful organic products and support a local artisan, but also help fund much-needed support for those who are not experiencing motherhood as they had imagined they would.

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Seeking more?

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