Go on a Self Date

Take yourself on a self date.  A terrific idea, as shared and described in this guest post by blogger Sab.

Go on a Self Date

I hit the second half of my third decade, and after plenty of life adventures, I finally figured out that life is short and happiness is something I should really work for.

You see, it's been quite a journey, one hell of a ride.  I've had highs, lows, extravagant wins, miserable failures.  I've had an abundance of love laughter tears, joys, anguish and pain, some pain which still tears my heart.

At that moment, it suddenly dawned on me that the intimidating tick-tock seemed to echo louder and louder in my head, and boy was it deafening.

I looked in the mirror and it hit me.  I didn’t even recognise the person staring right back.  No vague recognition.  She looked like she’d gone through quite a roller-coaster ride.  The person in the mirror intrigued me; for I had invested absolutely zero, zilch, nada in building a bond with my self.

Sad you might be thinking, but regretfully true.

Even worse, I always put myself on the back burner; self-love was entirely foreign to me.

That’s when I realised I needed to go on a self date.


The Self Date

joyhopelove.comJust like any other date you probably wouldn’t dare to be late for — because that’s the type of committed and punctual person you are, a self date is committed time that you carve out for yourself to indulge in silence and figure out your needs and wants.

It’s a particular time-slot where you sit down with yourself and start to listen to your heart and soul.

It’s a space where you get away from all distractions and just be.

It’s a delicious time for you to tune into your experiences, aspirations.  To go through your life check list and make sure that you’re really and truly happy with where you’re at.

It’s your personal time to make sure that you are being authentically you and scribble down all the hopes and dreams which will really make life even juicier than it already is.

A self date isn’t something that you can postpone or cancel — that would just be disrespectful to your self.   On the contrary, it’s a regular meeting time which should feature in your calendar quite frequently.

So take the plunge - do it now.

Schedule your very first self date.

Find out what the people around you find so fascinating about you, shine a light on all the qualities which make you gorgeously unique and address all those areas which with a bit of effort can improve dramatically.

You’ll really be surprised and even better, after a couple of dates you’ll find yourself going steady.


*this post originally appeared on the HighwaytoHappy blog.  

Guest Post

Today's article was written by Sab, blogger and founder of HighwaytoHappy. HighwaytoHappy is a wonderful blog concept that offers an online space where soulful sisters are invited to unwind, feel nurtured, re-charge & take the time to appreciate the delicious moments in their lives.  Like the HighwaytoHappy FB page and join a tribe of amazing women. 

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