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 FAQ’s for No Regrets Tribe Beta Course

What is the No Regrets Tribe?

The No Regrets Tribe is a course and corresponding group (our tribe) for people who want to live with more joy and no regrets! We are a tribe who know it’s never too late to chase a goal or have a new dream, and make that dream a reality. We support and encourage each other to live our best, most regret-free life. A life full of joy!

Inspired by the book The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware, this course is designed to support you make changes in your life NOW, to ensure you live your life without these regrets. With a regret covered each week, along with practical activities and support, it’s a unique and fun way to step into living a more intentional, joyful life.

Is this for me?

The No Regrets Tribe is for you if you;

  • Have been experiencing a time of change or transition in your life, and are ready for something new

  • Are choosing to live differently

  • Find yourself feeling overwhelmed

  • Self-care has been missing in your life for sometime

  • Have had exposure to people who have not lived life in a way that is joyful and fulfilling, and you know you want more.

What will I achieve by completing this course?

You will feel more joyful!  Specifically, you will;

  • Identify what YOU want from life

  • Find what works for you with regards to work and life balance

  • Learn to courageously express your feelings

  • Enhance your relationships with friends and family

  • Identify what brings you joy, letting yourself embrace living joyfully

Along the way you will receive masses of support; both practical and theory-based.

What does ‘beta’ mean, and why is this program being offered as a ‘beta course’?

‘Beta’ is the second letter in the Greek alphabet. The term beta test comes from software development, where a beta test was the second test of the software. In this case, it’s the first test. Beta testing is similar to calling it a pilot program or test run. Offering the No Regrets Tribe as a beta course initially is the best way for me to find out if the course delivers results and to gather feedback. It means there will be greater interaction between participants and me (Rowena), more personalised and individual contact and participants will be encouraged and expected to provide feedback throughout the course.

What is the format of this beta course and how long will it run?

The beta course runs over a 5-week period, covering 5 core modules. Each module has two parts; a theory component and a practical component. Key tasks are required to be completed every week. The course will utilise online teaching, one on one coaching and group coaching as well as written work.

What is included in the beta course?

Each participant in the beta course receives the following;

  • Group coaching calls in week one (1), three (3) and five (5).

  • A one-on-one 30-minute coaching call with me (Rowena), held in either week two (2) or four (4) of the course

  • All course materials, including documentation, videos and audios

  • Weekly practical activities to support you make the changes necessary to live joyfully and without regret

  • Weekly accountability check-in’s

  • Membership of the private No Regrets Tribe Facebook group to engage with Facebook live videos and support from and for other Tribe members

  • Membership of a Voxer No Regrets Tribe group for voice memo support during the course

What are the requirements to be able to participate in the beta course?

To participate in the beta course, you will need;

  • A desire to live more joyfully and with no regrets

  • To be ready and committed to making changes in your life

  • Willing and able to do the practical activities and tasks within each module

  • An internet connection

  • A Facebook account (in order to participate in the Facebook No Regrets Tribe group and the Facebook live videos)

  • A free Skype account in order to join the group coaching calls

  • Download the free Voxer app (optional)

What is needed from me as part of the beta course?

All of the same things as above for participation, PLUS;

  • Have two (2) or more hours per week available to invest in yourself and completing this course

  • Be available to attend group calls, and able to commit to the course for the five (5) week duration

  • Being prepared to FULLY participate in the course, including;

    • be available to attend all individual and group coaching calls live in the required weeks

    • complete all tasks and activities to the best of your ability

    • active participation and engagement in the Facebook group

    • complete pre- and post-course calls and surveys

  • Prepared to provide feedback about the course both during the course and after it concludes

  • Provide a testimonial with appropriate photo (i.e. a headshot you are happy to share) for inclusion in marketing of future courses  

How many people will be in the beta course?

The Beta course is an intimate, high contact course and participants are co-creating the content with me. Therefore, the course is limited to only ten (10) participants.

I’m a busy person - how much time will I need, and when will it run?

The beta course will commence in the week beginning 5 May 2019 (week 1). It will run for 5 weeks, with the final week commencing 3 June 2019.

The Beta course is a practical program with weekly activities, and therefore does have a time commitment each week. In order to complete the calls and practical activities, and to allow yourself some time to interact in the Facebook group, around two (2) hours per week will be required.

Obviously, if you are very active in the Facebook group or on Voxer, this may mean a little more time is required.

What about group coaching and privacy? How will that be handled?

Group coaching is a little different from one-on-one coaching, which is why this Beta Course offers both. Also, coaching is very different from counselling! Counselling tends to encourage you to talk about issues or challenges you have had or are currently experiencing. Coaching is forward looking and action focussed.

Group coaching differs from one-on-one coaching as unlike individual coaching, everyone is hearing the same information, on the same call. During group coaching calls, individuals can choose to share their answers to the questions posed, but there is no compulsion to do so.

Regarding privacy, individual participants are always in control regarding how much they wish to share and in what way. At no time will any participant be required to share any private information, nor share any information that makes them uncomfortable. Weekly activities will be completed for your own benefit, and may be shared with Rowena if appropriate and/or desired, but will never need to be shared publicly.

What will the cost be to participate in the beta course?

The No Regrets Tribe course and group includes over 4 hours of individual and group coaching, resources and unlimited support, valued at more than AU$600. However, the beta course will be offered at a substantial discount of only AU$198. This is the lowest price the course will ever be offered.

As a comparison, the No Regrets Tribe beta course is offered at a lower price than my 90-minute, one-on-one Clarity coaching option.

When are the cut-off’s for enrolment?

All participant registrations must be received and finalised by 30 April 2019, with full payment due by 2 May 2019.

Okay, I’m keen. What do I do next?

Simply book (via the large blue button below) your obligation free, 30-minute chat with me, Rowena, to learn more about the No Regrets Tribe beta course.