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I'm Rowena Mabbott, a Career and Life Confidence Coach, writer, speaker and mother.   It's great to have you here!


What I Do

As a Career and Life Confidence Coach, I provide coaching, mentoring and strategic yet practical support to women and men who want to feel clear and confident in their career and life. I do this via tailored, values-led one-on-one coaching programs and powerful targeted coaching sessions.

Drawing on nearly 20 years of experience, I provide career and life coaching for people who are seeking to gain clarity and boost their confidence in all areas of their life or career. With my background in Human Resources, I also offer HR coaching (by request) which can be very beneficial for professionals wishing to improve their people management skills.

You can learn more about my coaching options here.

Why I do it

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I know that it can be tough to find balance between work and life, and that as women, and especially as parents, the expectations we place on ourselves are often higher than those placed on us by others. We want to have it all, and be brilliant in everything we do. But it’s hard when we feel those expectations are too much, we feel overwhelmed, fearful, grief-stricken or just stuck.

I have been there, and want to use my experience to make your journey easier.

In 2008, my second son was stillborn. Whilst this loss does not define me, if has changed the course of my life. Losing our longed for child brought home to me just how short and precious life is. After the pain and grief, I realised the best way to honour my son and his short life was to live my life fully.

As part of this, I realised life is too short to waste doing things that don’t bring you joy.

For me, the phrase ‘joyful life’ is a powerful reminder we have choice – we can choose how we view the world and choose what we do. By focusing on the joy in our life, the more joy we will feel. Even in the terrible, tough and grief-stricken times, there are glimmers of joy if we look for them. The more we keep that focus, the more likely we will live a joyful life.

This is it – our one life. Let’s spend it doing things that bring joy to ourselves and others, and that make a difference. Let’s ensure we live a life we love.

When we have a career that feels aligned to us, when we feel confident in ourselves and we feel we’ve got a way forward, and we are doing things that bring us joy, then we have a life we love. 

When you feel confident in the choices you are making . . . you have the courage to do the things you love.

When you have clarity about your way forward . . . you step into your future feeling assured and confident that it’s right for you.

It all comes down to clarity, courage and confidence;

Clarity about your purpose and direction, in both your career and life.

Courage to go after your dreams.

Confidence to do the things that bring you joy so that you can choose to live a life you love. 

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When I commenced coaching with Rowena, I had just started a new, bigger role in my workplace. I was struggling with a lack of self-confidence and felt unable to trust that I could perform the role as effectively as the previous incumbent. These concerns were affecting me and I was very nervous and really worried about making mistakes.

After working with Rowena, I feel comfortable and confident. My improved confidence has affected both my career and personal life in positive ways. And my friends too have noticed I’m more confident than before!
— Yuni, HR & Business Operations Manager & Mother, Bali, Indonesia.


If you are seeking a strategic yet practical coaching professional, who knows what it's like to feel stuck but also know’s how to help you move into action, gain clarity and feel confident again, then get in touch!   I'd love to work with you.



I am a Certified Life Coach, through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I have a degree in Psychology and Business Law, and have spent nearly twenty years working as a Human Resources Professional in large corporates, with not-for-profits and as a consultant, with a focus on organisational, culture and change management.

My working philosophy is based on the importance of trust. I believe this is the key to creating deep and lasting relationships.  My working style means I’m approachable, accountable and easy to be with.  I do what I say I will do.  I am a great listener and always protect the confidentiality of those I support.  I am reliable and loyal.

I am passionate about making a difference in the world and utilise my twenty years of mentoring and coaching experience to I support my clients create a life they love, and share my expertise on projects and programs within my community .


I live in Sydney’s Inner West with my husband and two gorgeous sons.  I love travel (both the actual travel as well as the planning of it), music (I sing in a choir), theatre, reading and time in nature – especially if water is nearby.

Some of the simplest things make me very happy; like a fresh bunch of flowers, a sunny day, the feel of sand between my toes, a cup of hot tea, a great meal shared with friends or family or a terrific, engrossing book.  Most of all, I am passionate about feeling confident in my life choices and knowing that as a result I am living my best, intentional, most joy-filled life. A life without regrets.

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Professional Bio

Rowena Mabbott is a Career and Life Confidence Coach, writer, speaker, mother and consultant. As a Career and Life Confidence Coach, Rowena works with women and men from around the world who want to gain clarity and feel more confident in their career and life.  

Rowena has a degree in Psychology and Business Law.  Prior to becoming a Certified Life Coach, she spent nearly twenty years working as a Human Resources Professional in large corporates, with not-for-profits and as an independent consultant, with a focus on organisational development, employee engagement and change management.  Rowena has more than twenty years of mentoring and coaching experience.

Rowena is based in Sydney, Australia, where she lives with her husband and two sons.


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