Lipstick as Confidence Booster

When my youngest son was approaching one year old he was struggling with getting to and staying sleep at night.  As a result I was getting little to no sleep every night.  I'm sure other new mothers have been there too, right?! I was desperate and finally got an appointment for a referral to sleep school for my baby.  The day of the appointment came and I was feeling tired, haggard and run down. To give me the energy to get through the day, I put on a nice top, a red coat (it was winter) and some lipstick.

I bumped into a friend on the way home from the school run and as we chatted, I mentioned my desperation and appointment.  Her response was immediate and firm. "Go home, wipe that lipstick off and remove the coat! You look way too well put together for anyone to believe you are struggling with lack of sleep!!"

Huh! I was stunned.

But even as she said it to me, through my hazy sleep-deprived mind, I knew she was right.  With a tiny bit of effort I had given myself a confidence boost and helped others perceive I had everything sorted - yet this was exactly the wrong message for the situation I was facing.

Fast forward a few years and I can see that the advice was sound.  But equally so was my approach.

When we make a little effort with our appearance and include a swipe of lipstick as part of that, we can boost our confidence, feel better and feel more able to cope with what otherwise can feel like a tough ask.

Applying a bit of lipstick (or lip gloss) boosts your confidence and makes you feel good!

As mothers, busily rushing from one activity to another, juggling paid work, partners and kids, running a household plus all the other things we agree to do, we can feel overwhelmed and like we aren't coping. This leads to low confidence where we doubt our ability to do the juggle successfully, and often end up feeling worse.

It these times, putting on a little lipstick can perk you up and refresh your outlook. Yes I realise that sounds a bit like a dated, sexist 1950’s advertisement! But it actually is true. When you take a moment with your appearance, you can lift your spirits from ho-hum to feeling happy, and give your confidence a kick too.

When you take a moment to put some lipstick (or lip gloss) on, you;

  1. feel better,
  2. feel more confident; and importantly,
  3. you feel more in control.

And which mother (working or otherwise) wouldn’t want to regain a small sense of control over something, anything, and a confidence boost too?

Putting on lipstick is a quick, simple and relatively inexpensive way to boost confidence - and can be done just about anywhere.

  • In the car on the way to pick-up the kids - check!
  • In the lift on the way to an important meeting - check!
  • Rushing out the door in the morning - check!
  • Waiting for the bus - check!

A small, easy and quick way to boost your confidence and sail through the next part of your day feeling and looking good.

So, next time you feel like you need a quick pick-me-up and confidence boost; whip out that lipstick!

Give it a go and see if it works for you.

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